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Arabsabio is one of the successful ventures of Nahou Al Dao Establishment. Arabsabio is a bioremediation and cleaning compound which are produced by naturally occurring microorganisms, which are extremely efficient in improving dissolved oxygen, digest waste and keeps the water fresh for a longer period.

Arabsabio Products

Arabsabio is a microbial consortium containing billions of naturally occurring beneficial microbes that are extremely efficient in digesting both organic waste (food waste, dead plant & animal waste, manures) and hydrocarbons ( oil, grease and certain herbicides and pesticides) by secreting enzymes. This eco-friendly product is extremely efficient in removing dirt, stains, kills harmful germs, controls odor, open drainage systems and prevent further blockage by reducing contamination build-up, thereby keeping the surroundings, and applied surface area clean and hygienic.

Features and Benefits:

  • 100% bioproduct

  • Can be handled safely

  • Safe for human beings, animals, birds, fish and vegetation

  • Naturally occurring, non-genetically modified microorganisms.

  • Quickly digest oil waste and convert them to an easily disposed state

  • Free from chemicals.

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