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SBGTC Health & Beauty.

Nurturing health and beauty through nature and in partnerships with:

  • Yuki No Hada Deluxe (Japanese)

  • Flora Baobites (Canadian)


SBGTC and Yuki No Hada Deluxe brings health and beauty products. This exclusive beauty drink consists of natural ingredients and hydrolyzed golden swallow's nest extract.


Formulated with 40% hydrolyzed golden swallow's nest extract in each bottle, this is a beauty & health drink of the highest grade. Golden swallow's nest contains extremely high volume of sialic acid among any natural products.


Thanks to the power of enzymatic decomposition technology, it becomes nano sized particles of hydrolyzed golden swallow's nest extract to raise absorbability. Active ingredients are sialic acid, EGF, FGF, MSF, glucosamine and other moisture-retaining proteins that help renew your entire body cells, skin, hair, nail and all organs. Very tasty lychee flavor. Supporting your optimal health & beauty from inside out.


SBGTC brings Baobites to Kuwait and the MENA region.

Superfruit Snack which is deliciously addictive and created with health concern. The product is gluten-free, vegan, non-genetically modified (non-GMO), sustainable, and with nutrient dense.


Baobites Superfruit Snacks provide a delicious way to enjoy the nutritious benefits of baobab. Baobab is a wild-harvested superfruit naturally bursting with fiber, electrolytes, and antioxidants! These flavor-packed fruit bites are made with 100% pure, organic baobab fruit powder and fruit concentrates.


Rich in vitamin C, vegan, and gluten-free, with no fat or preservatives, they’re a nutritious snack everyone can enjoy. Available in three delicious flavors: Peach-Mango, Blood Orange, and Pomegranate.

Sustainable and Ethincally Harvested

Flora Baobites is also based on SBGTC environment friendly values.


The benefits of Baobites Superfruit Snacks go far beyond that of its nutritional profile. Harvesting of the baobab fruit helps empower women and nurture local communities in Southern Africa by providing a sustainable income for women that can literally make the difference between a family going hungry or not. At the same time, eating Baobites makes a positive impact toward the protection of the ancient baobab tree...a valuable environmental resource for these communities.

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