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KAZOU Architecture.


To provide the best in indoor architecture standards and decorative construction for home and professional environments.

SBGTC KAZOU Architecture

SBGTC and KAZOU is formed in 2011 with the objective of logical progression for advancement and stands strongly on environment friendly measures. The company is based on new norm, new ideas and breakouts to beat the competition in Architecture, Design & Built-in construction industries.


We offer specialty interior architectural products with installation services from world leading manufacturers for large scale governmental, private sectors projects, office towers as well as banking, retail, sports, and hospitality sector.


As part of our environmental care, we test our tools, equipment’s, and vehicles regularly to ensure that it stays low on electrical consumption with low emissions. We use just-in-time (JIT) delivery methods to reduce transportation and vehicle emissions. In addition to this, the heavy equipment’s that we use for moving and lifting products are also low on emissions and used based on effective project planning & scheduling. We also minimize on the use of plastic and our products are wrapped with reusable products. This reduces wastage. Wooden pallets are used several times and returned for recycling.


We work closely with school boards, golf courses, municipal governments, operators of sports facilities and other clients in the international athletic equipment market. We provide them with:

  • extensive product knowledge high-quality, Canadian-made equipment customer service that is based on always acting with integrity, always keeping a positive attitude and always doing what we say we’ll do.

  • This proven formula of knowledge, value and service keeps our clients coming back, and has made us the most successful and trusted Canadian company in our industry.


Our products are of high quality and last longer therefore giving you peace of mind for several years. We also provide after-sales services to ensure that our products are maintained and working to its best and with provisions for changes and upgrades as per customer requirements.


  • Demountable partition

  • Operable walls

  • Folding walls

  • Concertina vinyl partitions

  • Frameless glass walls

  • Gym dividers (Sport Systems Canada)

  • Wall padding

  • Toilet cubicles

  • Benches

  • Telescopic Bleachers & Outside Bleachers

  • Acoustic Fabric & Wood wall panels

  • General Furniture / Medical Equipment Products (Medicana Turkey)

  • 3D wall panel design & 3D wall papers

  • Rubber flooring.


Our clientele includes several family businesses in the small and medium enterprise range and large businesses. We therefore aim to build long-term relationship with our clients that extends to different generations.

  • Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) IT department and Auditorium

  • American University Music Room

  • Sky Cinema

  • American University of Kuwait (AUK) - Studio & Dubbing room)

  • American University of Kuwait (AUK) - Gym & Basketball Courts

  • Equate Headquarters Building

  • Hawalli Educational Interior Works

  • Mubarak Al Khabeer Interior Acoustic

  • Kuwait Institute for Judicial & Legal Studio

  • Ooredoo Telecommunication

  • East Ahmadi Neighborhood Center

  • PAAET Training & Vocational Institute for Girls in Jahra

  • PAAET College of Health & Science for Girls

  • PAAET Labs & Workshops for College of Technology Girls Building

  • Wasabi Japanese Restaurant

  • Chevrolet Car Showroom in Sharq

  • Sheikh Mubarak Al Kabir Hospital

  • Al Moussa New Headquarters

  • White Stores Co. - Kutmec New Showroom

  • Mubarak Al Kabir Educational Building (MPW)

  • Hawalli Educational Building (MPW)

  • Water Distribution Complex II - Mina Abdullah (MEW)

  • Kuwait Institute for Judicial and Legal Studies

  • Al Homaizi Group Offices

  • Safir Hotel Oquilah

  • Water Distribution Complex II Mina Al Zour (MEW)

  • Deposit of Archive of Judicial files for court

  • The Government Center for Testing & Quality Control

  • Al Sheef Hospital - Salmiya

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