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SBGTC Pharmaceuticals.

SBGTC brings PHARMASERVE NW and FLORA to Kuwait and the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region. The aim of SBGTC pharmaceutical is to improve quality of life for patients as well as leaders in serving health care industries with the aid of innovative technologies and customer services


Ayrton Saunders is a specialty pharmaceutical company based in the UK focused on the development and commercialization of aerosol based treatments and other high value niche products for international markets through collaboration and partnerships.


We provide the Glytrin Gtn Spray (secure yourself against heart attack) & Gtn Tablet (for headaches) which is used for the treatment of acute angina pectoris and prevention of inducible angina. The active ingredient is glyceryl trinitrate. Glyceryl trinitrate is one of a group of medicines called nitrates which relax the muscle walls of the blood vessels and reduce the workload of the heart. You may use GLYTRIN Spray to relieve the pain of an angina attack once it has started, or to prevent.

Gtn Spray

  • Dosage form (spray) sublingual.

  • Closed system (protected form external factors).

  • Less intense side effect.

  • Peak concentration c-max 3.5 minutes.

  • Rapidly absorbed from the buccal cavity as it overcomes the dissolving stage.

  • Easily to distinguish among other medication being a canister, which simplify administration at night.

  • Shelf life 2-3 years.

Gtn Tablet

  • Open system (open to external and could be oxidized easily)

  • Usually headache and metallic taste.

  • Peak concentration c-max 4.9 min.

  • Dissolving stage delay the onset of action, cause metallic taste, and could be swallowed by some patient i.e proper dose not taken.

  • Tablet; similar to other medication.

  • Shelf life if stored properly is 6 month.


More than three decades of experience in developing and manufacturing respiratory medicines.

Expert contract developer and manufacturer specializing in respiratory products. In addition to this, the company has the expertise and capability to develop and commercialize:

  • pMDIs (Pressurized metered-dose inhalers): achieve performance aligned with target product profile.

  • DPIs (dry powder inhaler), Creams, Nasal Sprays and Small Volume Liquids. Develop and validate a full range of analytical methods for DPI performance testing.


The company is based on an adaptable approach that ensures an efficient solution which meets the requirements of different project sizes. This has provided Pharmaserve NW to become a trusted and reliable partner to our clients.


Part of OBG Pharmaceuticals having other subsidiaries such as Ayrton Saunders Ltd. (a speciality pharmaceutical company focused in high value niche products); Ransoms Naturals Ltd. (a leading developer and manufacturer of natural products); and, J.M. Loveridge (a trusted name in pharmaceutical product distribution).


SBGTC has partnered with Pharmaserve NW with the aim of brining quality healthcare products and based on the common goal of environment protection. Pharmaserve NW is working on Green Propellants for pMDIs by adopting an environmentally friendly inhaler propellant.


Through experience and great partnership, PSNW have streamlined a ‘rapid’ approach to safeguarding our existing products and future developments. Our advanced facility investment and upgrade plan, combined with our formulation screening processes, has allowed us to begin to develop the next generation of pMDIs.


Flora was establishes in 1965 is one of the leading names in nutraceutical manufacturing. The company manufacturers high quality whole food supplements, full-spectrum botanical extracts, unrefined seed oils, and health tonics.

FLORA Mission

To participate in the continuing evolution of the people on earth toward universal harmony, peace and perfection by providing products and services for the purification and upliftment of the body and spirit, and by providing to each person who derives a livelihood with Flora, an opportunity for personal growth and advancement of these goals in life.


Flora firmly believes that quality begins at this initial stage and invests heavily in either purchasing or growing the highest grade of raw materials. This is ensured and maintained through stringent screening and testing procedures, following quality attributes such as:

  • The use of vegetarian caps for dry powders and dry herbal extracts

  • The use of vegetarian-sourced raw materials

  • The presence of therapeutic amounts of active ingredients combined with supportive ingredients

  • Prefer the use of value-added fillers

  • No or minimal excipients

  • The use of traditional alcohol/water extraction media where possible

  • The use of organic, non-genetically modified (non-GMO) raw materials


SBGTC and FLORA are based on similar principles of protecting and preserving the environment, based on principles such as:

  • The use of the most ecologically friendly packaging for products

  • Working with farmers to obtain ecologically sustainable supplies of high quality, botanical raw materials

Eco-friendly production policies and procedures in the business.

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