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SBGTC and Nano Technology.

SBGTC is proud to introduce the latest technological innovations with one of our prime concerns of environmental friendliness. Kuwait 2035 vision and the road ahead is based on improving the environment. We bring nanotechnology with the goal of contributing to individuals, business, and the preserving the environment.

We have nanotechnology that coats glasses, wood, leather, metal, and nearly every kind of surface. The benefits that clients receive is reduced maintenance cost (thus reducing overall recurring costs), and the ability to maintain the materials looking fresh and new. The surfaces repel germs and therefore provides healthier indoor environment. Areas and surfaces that are subject to external environment (for example, building exteriors) can be maintained with lesser cleaning frequency. The nanotechnology can handle weather changes (dust, rain, etc.) and provide a cleaner looking exterior.


Product is a durable, easy to clean, Nano hydrophobic treatment after curing, it provides a long-lasting durable layer of protection. Repel - water, anti - dust and self-cleaning with rainwater. Glass coating can also maintain the needed light exposure thus providing a comfortable living / working environment.


Product is a superhydrophobic, water repelling treatment designed to keep cloth dry longer. This water - based and solvent - free product does not impact the look, breathability, and color of Cloth.


Product is a long-lasting Nano protective coating for boats that features a high gloss finish, highest hardness, and Strong hydrophobic effect. This crystal-clear formula offers strong resist corrosion in seawater. Highest gloss like diamond, increase gloss of boat. Highest hardness, Strong Scratch & Abrasion resistance. Corrosion & Oxidation resistance. UV Resistance & Sea water Resistance. Chemical Resistance & Weather Resistance.

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